Low Fat What!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Diets are a funny old beast!  What works for one, won't work for another.  For me, simple is better.  I keep a watch on my calories and have a big old list of free foods (mainly green ones) that I can eat till they are coming out of my ears!  Nothing is off limits and exercise is optional not mandatory. 

The one thing I have never understood is this business of trying to make something lower in fat and calories, when it was never designed to be that way.  Take for example Tiramisu.  I love it's kick up the but caffeine and fat hit- it translates as "pick me up" and with that amount of calories it can pick you up and keep you up for a week.  It's not low fat, it's not low calorie and it should not be made with quark, Greek yogurt or any other diet product! 

I stick to things that are naturally low in calories and fat and if the need for Tiramisu pops up, just eat a small portion (ha, like that happens!) and be good for the rest of the day to make up for the extravagance.  So it's Thai food I gravitate to most when in diet mode.  The chilli and fish sauce combo that underlines most Thai food makes up for a lack of fat in most dishes. 

This is a taste of what is making it's way into my pre- summer diet plans at the moment:

Now I just need to keep away from those DAMN chocolate almonds lurking in the cupboard! 

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  1. It's the smell with fish sauce though. Takes me back to stink bombs in joke shops!

    1. I accidentally squirted it in my eye once! I not only had a stingy eye but my face just smelled lovely!


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