Option 6: Speak to a human!

Friday, March 09, 2012

I am curious who thought hold music would make being on hold better?  You will be phoning a company for a reason, to book something, to change something or to question why they have charged twice as much as they said they would?  You may be in a good mood but probably the fact you are having to call the company means you will be not in a great mood, you will be hanging onto that short fuse, attached to your last nerve! 

Ring, ring..................
"Thank you for calling ................. 
If you are calling about your account press 1
If you are calling to change something press 2
If you are calling with a technical issue press 3
If you are calling to add a service press 4
If you are loosing the will to live press 5
If you would like to listen to these options again press #"

Where is the press to speak to a human button?  I know that all of the information about your company can be found on the website, I know this but it does not change the fact that to solve my issue I need a human being on the other end of my phone! 

So you choose your option from the list.

"Thank you for selecting that option.  All of our representatives are currently dealing with other customers.  Your call is important to us"

Begin the poor quality hold music............................. And to make sure you remember, they add in, every few minutes:

"Your call is important to us and we will be with you as soon as we can"

Every time they play that little announcement I think it's the actual person and get ready to speak, only to be cut short with more hold music! 

It's been 25 minutes of hold music now and then their automated system cuts you off- Ahhhhhhhh!  I am sure you have been there?

So I would like to start a revolution!  Lets have a press 1 to speak to a human that can help, lets have an option on DVD's to just start the movie rather than look at 5 previews for films I don't want to watch right now.  Lets start having options people really want! 
I very much doubt this will happen, but it would be nice!  Also do you sing along to hold music?  I worry that they are listening at the other end, drinking a cup of tea, eating biscuits, not answering the phone on purpose to listen to me making a fool of myself?  Paranoid, me, no!

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  1. They totaly piss me off !!! I never listen to there dam music , best advice is dont pay there bill !! ... always gets there attention . xx


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