Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Somebody told me Tim Horton's donuts and coffee are like class A drugs- bloody addictive!  If you are reading this from anywhere other than Canada you will be thinking "what the hell is Tim Hortons?".  The answer is they are a Canadian essential, they are everywhere.  They sell coffee and donuts (other stuff too but that's not important right now).

My point being that they are addictive!  We love the Boston Creme Donuts and one is never quite enough but try to eat two and you feel full and sick for at least two hours!

Donuts and diets don't work- FACT!  I have a little bit of wobble I would like to shift and Tim Horton's is not part of any controlled diet I know of. 

In an attempt to curb the habit I have been trying out baked donut recipes at home.  My first attempt ended stickily (read more here).  So I have been scanning the books and Internet for other ideas. 

It all leads me to the conclusion that baked is not fried and will never be.  Fried food tastes good because it's fried!  So DAMN you Tim Horton's- and that's all I have to say on this matter!

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  1. Tim's is a necessity! When I'm in the US going to school, Mom and Quinn (boyfriend) send me Tim's carepackages and Quinn is not allowed to cross the border without muffins in tow! =P


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