Sunday, July 22, 2012

In the UK I had a little allotment.  To those who have no idea what I just said, it's a plot of land you rent and use it to grow what you like.  I was a total novice when I set out and when my name came to the top of list to get my allotment I was pregnant.  My digging had to be limited to what I could manage and most of the other allotmenteers would keep a careful eye on me to make sure I didn't have the baby whilst pulling up weeds.  I certainly brought the average age of the place down as most of the others were well into retirement but they were a wonderful bunch with more gardening knowledge together than any book you could buy on the subject.  They helped me, guided me and taught me so much about getting the most out of what you plant. 

Here in Canada I have planted a few vegetables amongst the plants in my garden.  Courgette (zucchini) are easy to grow and super fast to produce once they get started.  The little gems below are our first produce.  Added to a risotto the kids happily wolfed them down. 

 I am planning many things with what is to come from these plants and hope to use the flowers to make some tasty treats very soon- I will keep you posted...

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