Sunday, September 23, 2012

Harry loves to ask questions.  He is so happy to ask questions most of the time he barely has time to get an answer before he asks his next question. 

Whilst watching a film you can expect a torrent of questions.  We don't answer them as we have explained that if he shuts up for 5 minutes he will get the answer from the film. 

This is what you can expect:

"What is she doing, why is he going in there, what is that car doing, why is he up there, when did she go out, how come he is wearing that, why can't she get in, what did he do wrong, what are they doing, why is she eating ice cream, can I have some ice cream, what will happen if she does that?"

In the car the other day, heading for the library:

"What books can I get, how many books can I get, will they have books about dinosaurs, will they have any red books, how long can I have the books, is it far, will they have any spongebob books, are we nearly there yet, can I pick my own books, will you be in the library with me, will you pick me any books, are we nearly there yet?"

I love that he is inquisitive and soaks information up like a sponge but the quicker I can teach him to ask Google all these questions the better as at times it feels like my head may explode!

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  1. Haha! This post is priceless. What a guy, you have there. The sad thing is that once we're older we don't ask nearly as many questions. It's like we're too scared to be curious or that curiousity is beaten out of us. Although your head might explode, I'd definitely encourage him to keep his inquisitive ways. They can only benefit him in the future. I mean, think of all that he'll learn when he is old enough to ask Google. :)


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