Monday, September 24, 2012

I hate to throw anything away in my kitchen.  I was left with a lonely lemon and cranberry drizzle muffin after pack lunches were done and to be fair to it, it was on its last legs.  Drizzled muffins go sticky and stodgy quite quickly and therefore I felt it's kitchen life needed saving and a bit or re purposing was in order.  Nigella Lawson writes "I always think that some of the best recipes come from the thrifty refusal to throw anything away", one of the examples of this is here, and mighty good it is too (Link to Caramel Croissant Pudding).  I decided a yogurt parfait with crumbled muffin to soak up the raspberry goodness would be a good plan for my sad looking bake:
I crushed a few raspberry with some lemon juice and icing sugar.  I just love the colour, I have a bit of a thing for red!

I then layered the raspberry sauce with Greek yogurt and crumbled muffin. 

I ate this snuggled with the dog on the sofa watching Doctor Who with all of the kids fast asleep in bed- a perfect Mummy moment if ever there was one!

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  1. You could add a splash of alcohol next time .... maybe cointreau or Gin !!


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