Friday, September 14, 2012

Ever watched a child with a pair if scissors?  Next time you get the chance do, it's hilarious!  They pull the cutting mouth face and move their lips in time with the blades as they attack an unsuspecting piece of paper.  It's like the scissors just wont cut the same unless you move your lips around. 

I have no room to judge, apparently hubby says I do a funny eating the food kinda face when my kids are eating.  I know I do it, I always have.  You cant help it, it's just a Mum thing like not being able to stay still when you hold a baby, you find yourself swaying back and forth like gravity just made you do it. 

You know you do it, we all do- it's just a Mum thing!

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  1. Its funny isn't it Martin says I blow on my food all the time even SALAD , don't know I'm doing it . Well wierd .


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