Friday, September 21, 2012

I have seen many bloggers do a little feature where they show you what is in their handbag.  They line all of the items up, neatly and give you a little explanation of what each item is and what it is used for. 

Yesterday I cleaned out my handbag.  I did this as it felt like I had a cup of biscuit crumbs in the bottom (I actually did have a cup of biscuit crumbs in there- FACT!).

Disclaimer: This is not the contants of my handbag, for shame I cannot show you what fell out of my bag!

I did not photograph what came out of my bag, partly for shame!  Here is what tumbled out:
  • My beloved Radley Purse- it's looking very battered these days (hubby if your reading this a new purse could be the perfect Christmas gift, not that I am hinting- HINT ALERT!)
  • 3 pens- 2 working, 1 not working
  • 1 pencil- not very sharp
  • Post It Notes- all drawn on
  • 2 dog poo bags
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • 1 bouncy ball
  • 1 tampon- I do wish companies who make these would understand that by wrapping them in bright, colourful outers, children will pull them out of your bag in a very busy public place and declare "Ooo, what's this, is it a sweetie, can I have it?"
  • 1 toy car
  • 4 tic tacs- orange flavour, I think.  They didn't look very tasty anymore!
  • 4 lip balms- small ones from the dentist.  They give Harry and Alfie one each time we visit
  • 1 lipstick- I had actually forgotten I had this one
  • Large quantity of biscuit crumbs
  • 6 dried up raisins
  • Large bunch of keys
  • Darth Vader keyring torch
  • 1 pair of boys underpants- clean ones I hasten to add
  • Pair of kids socks- kids have to have them on if you wish to drop the children off in the Ikea kids play area for an hour of peace, strolling around aimlessly so they are a VITAL item in my bag!
You see all essential items.  My handbag is less of a stylish, organised carrying device and more a place that random crap gets chucked.  Think of it as the busy Mum's survival kit.  You need distractions and technique's to keep them busy when waiting in line, waiting for food you have ordered or waiting of any kind and a handbag with Buzz Lightyear and toy cars will provide such distractions. 

That is my defence and I am sticking by it!
Do you have a bag of shame?  What's lurking in the bottom of your bag?
Zig Zag Wine Purse-Holds up to a 3L bag of box wine or other beverage.  Unzip side zipper to access spigot and serve
P.S I found this on Etsy- an actual wine dispensing handbag!  Now thats a Mum survival handbag if ever I saw one!  (Link To The Best Handbag Ever!)

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  1. Lol...Darth Vader keyring torch, it's definitely a unique collection! I like your handbag alternative, I can use it right about now! :)

  2. Yeah, that's pretty much why I don't do these handbag posts... It's usually embarrassingly messy and odd things are in the bag.

    P.S. Nice meeting you on The Nearsighted Owl's Lonely Homebody Club!


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