Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My kids love Spongebob.  At 6am on a Saturday and Sunday morning I love Spongebob as my kids watch it as I try and close my eyes for at least another half an hour! 

The other day I sat with my cup of coffee, snuggled next to my two bundles of trouble and started to watch Spongebob. 

I can only assume it emits some subliminal message that forces you to continue watching as the episode ended and I noticed I was alone on the sofa, watching Spongebob by myself!  Both boys had retreated to their bedrooms leaving me in that awkward moment you realise you are watching kids TV by yourself! 

I am pretty sure you have been here too?  I know my Mother in law particularly likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Sorry Janet, the secrets out of the bag now!)

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  1. I'll let you off just this once Elyse. I can cope with people knowing about me liking Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Playing Rummikub in the Rockie Mountains is a different matter - nod nod wink wink!!!!! We shall laugh at that for weeks and months to come xxx


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