Monday, November 19, 2012

This weekend has been a jam packed birthday madness weekend!  Harry's birthday on Saturday (along with my Grandad's in the UK, 88 years young) and mine on Sunday! 

Here is a little taste of what we got up to:

  • Had pancakes with strawberries, marshmallows, chocolate, honey, syrup and bananas washed down with some morning mocktails

  • Ate Boston Cream Donut inspired birthday cake (custard butter cream on the inside covered in chocolate glaze)

  • Realised we had no matches and had to light birthday candles from the BBQ

  • Spread the entire contents of the Lego box on the floor

  • Went Skiing- first time this season- yeah!
  • Drank Champagne

  • Ate huge, amazing grass fed, organic T-Bone Steaks- cooked to perfection by the hubby
  • Fell asleep watching Formula One (We are just so rock and roll!)
  • Watched the dog eat, tear up and go mental with wrapping paper and balloons
  • Skyped and Face timed lots of family
It's been a bloody brilliant weekend!

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  1. What a FAB mum , What a FAB daughter . Enough said . xxxxxxxx

  2. Couldn't agree more - Fab mum, Fab daughter-in-law, Fab family and very lucky little boys. xxxx


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