Friday, November 02, 2012

My little blog made it through to the final round of voting in Canadian Blog Awards!  I am in the running for the Best New Blog.  I am super excited to have even got this far but would like to ask once again if you would not mind just clicking here and casting your vote. 

It's been pretty crazy around here.  With Halloween, shovelling snow, exciting butcher adventures in the planning and ordering a lamb for my freezer ready for Christmas (Ordered from Tangle Ridge Ranch- Our pastured lamb is raised outdoors, under low stress conditions, with the very best of forages, sunshine and fresh air, sounds very good, I cant wait!)

Christmas is galloping towards us and November not only sees my hubby growing a fetching tach for Movember (click here to check our his Movember page and if your feeling generous donate some money to a very good cause), it sees Nutmeg (our crazy Beagle) celebrate her first birthday, Harry turns 7 and I turn another year older.  (I feel that after you turn 30 the numbers are largely irrelevant)

Once again thank you for taking the time to vote for my little blog!

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  1. How fab to read how interesting your life is and what pleasure your blog brings to us all this side of the pond as I'm sure it does to lots of people your side too. What a fab family you are. Loads of love and don't forget to stock up on your lemons and the obligatory bottles of gin to go with them. Cheers to you all xxxx

    1. Gin and Lemons- always! I start feeling twitchy without them!


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