Wednesday, November 07, 2012

It's snowing.  Like really snowing.  The predictions have gone from 10-15cm to 20-25cm and it's not slowing down. 

I love the snow don't get me wrong but as a newbie to this white stuff on this scale it's kinda scary!  I worry about driving in it.  I worry about the school bus sliding around corners with my precious Harry on it.  I know it's crazy to worry but in the UK they drill it into you that if it snows, stay in, don't drive, keep off the slippy white stuff!  Here it's just a way of life! 

I have to be somewhere at 6.30pm tonight so the roads better be kind to me! 

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  1. I may be crazy... but I actually kinda enjoy the adrenaline rush of driving in the snow. I miss driving every winter for precisely this reason.

    I have a few tips that I can pass on to you though...

    If you're using your brakes to slow down or come to a stop, start using them long before you'd normally think you'd need to and brake very slowly and gradually.

    Learning to use downshifting to your advantage is a great tactic... If you're coming down a hill or to a stop sign, you can downshift to slow down more gradually then you can with your foot on the brake... and if things are slow going you can downshift to limit how fast you're able to go.

    Practice! Go find yourself an empty snowy parking lot and practice driving around. Experiment with what making jerky movements with the wheel do and experiment with slamming on the brakes... It sounds kinda silly, but learning how your car reacts in a safe place where you can't hit anything is worth it's weight in gold.

    1. Thank you for the advice! It was actually a lot better than I imagined! My car is pretty good in it but I like the idea of having fun in a car park sliding around! I may have to find a big empty one!


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