Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I have to admit I have Compulsive List Disorder (CLD).  I have shopping lists, job lists, computer job lists, blog lists (a new excuse for a list, very excited!), beauty lists and in fact lists that even include items such as make a new list. 

I am not terribly forgetful and usually have a good grip on what I need to do in a day so I am not quite sure why I feel I must bullet point my life?  I can feel quite tense if I don't have a list in progress, quite lost almost.  The lists bring peace and order to my tasks and I am good at ticking things off too.  There may be the odd job that gets transferred to a new list as it has been dodged, but it gets a new place on a new list so I can get rid of my old list. 

I realise that this is a sign I am growing up.  In my youth I never cared if I did anything in a day.  I could sleep till afternoon, slump around in my dressing gown and happily go back to bed once it got dark, but these were the lazy teenage days and they are long gone.  I now have guilt when I sit down for too long as it is useful doing time I am wasting doing nothing! 

I perhaps need to find a better balance between my manic list and job crossing off tendencies and make a list that reads a little like this:

  • Make a cup of tea
  • Sit on the sofa
  • Read a book
  • Relax
The very fact that I feel that I need to put those things in list form means I am doomed to CLD forever and I will never be happy just to slump through my days again!  On the bright side perhaps all the greats make lists, Father Christmas for one- justification enough for me, I am off to make a new list! 

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