Monday, October 17, 2011

I know what a diet is.  I know how to follow one and I especially know how to cheat on one.  A diet is like a relationship.  You pick one out and follow it happily for the honeymoon period, its easy, carefree and you are satisfied with what you have without looking around at what else is on offer.  Carrots are a delicious alternative to crisps just as a new partner's bad habits don't bug you yet as you have failed to notice them in your loved up bliss.  But then time goes by and you start to realise what you have chosen and you start to notice what you can't have anymore.  This is when the cracks start to appear in your chosen path and when willpower is no longer enough to see you through. 

You are faced with a choice.  If its a relationship you can cut and run leaving the bad choice behind you.  If its a diet you can hit the biscuit tin running on the way to the ice cream.  Both get out clauses have their scars whether they be emotional or pounds on the hips! 

I recently read an article about a celebrity diet plan:

"The Kind Diet disallows white sugar, processed foods, coffee, alcohol, artificial flavors, and any animal products."

How on Earth would that be a survivable diet plan?  That is a list of most of my most favourite things whether on a diet or not.  In relationship terms its like being able to look at your partner from a distance but no talking, cuddling and no bedroom action!  Where is the fun in that? 

I am not an expert but I know that diets should be about what you can have not what you cannot.  The minute you ban something you only want it more.  From my diet experience I can only conclude that its alright to have a glass of wine and a square of chocolate as long as you don't drink the whole bottle and finish off the whole box! 

So here is to a diet without limits that will go the distance and will include lots of coffee the odd gin and tonic and many happy moments on the scales! 

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