Diet Doom

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The honeymoon period is over.  I can no longer use the excuse that I have just moved to a new Country to dodge the "Lose a Stone" diet I have been putting off for quite some time.  I realise that the term "Stone" might not mean too much to readers outside the UK but its 14lbs or about 6kg of extra me I would like not to be dragging around.  I also know that this is not a huge amount of weight to be lost, but I fear that this is also my undoing!  Its not a huge amount so why not just drink that wine, eat that pudding and scoff the contents of the fridge?  I have struggled with the motivation to lose this extra weight for quite a while now and have had my recent move as the perfect excuse not to worry about it. 

I am not fat, I just wobble in places.  Having two children seems to have given my body an odd sense of proportion and rather than evenly distribute the extra its collected around my middle.  Exercise is one way I know I can help myself but I hate sit ups- they make the fat bits collect up every time I sit up- nobody needs that! 

I love food, not just the eating of it but its planning and preparation too.  I quite like being on a diet- did I really just say that!!  I can focus on the food I eat and make sure that every bit I eat is good and I enjoy it.  All too often I eat just because, and not things I enjoy, its just there and I am bored/sad/happy/tired?  I like the challenge of making my days calories taste good so I suppose its silly to put it off any longer.  I don't plan to blog about my progress as I never intended this to be a blog about dieting, but I will blog recipes whether they are diet ones or not as I feel there should be no difference when it comes to taste and enjoyment.

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