Winter Sex

Friday, October 28, 2011

OK so its getting cold.  I have already discussed the motivation in the soup department (Soup of the Season), that is warming up my kitchen but what of the bedroom?  So I had to ask myself is winter a sexy season? 

I love a change of season in the wardrobe department.  Thin summer outfits move to the back of the wardrobe in favour of the jumpers, long boots and tights. 

Unfortunately I have concluded that winter is not the sexiest of the seasons.  I have come to this conclusion all because of tights, or more accurately, my hubby has come to the conclusion that tights are not sexy! 

Before you jump on me with protest for the tights, let me explain.  They look great as part of an outfit; legs look fabulous in a pair of tights.  They seem to lengthen and smooth out legs and, paired with heels or boots, they are a must in my winter wardrobe.  Only last weekend I sported not only purple tights but matching purple nail varnish and handbag!  It's the putting on of tights that is not sexy and how you look in them before you add the top layer of clothes. 

You can make the first bit of putting on tights look sexy.  With your leg raised up you apply the rolled-up tight leg to your foot and gentle bring them up- this can look good!  It's when you have both legs of your tights up and you have to do that little wiggle dance to get them adjusted on your crotch and then pull them high enough round your middle so that you don't get wrinkles on your knees.  Now look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, "Sexy?".  I have looked and no it's not sexy.  Tights don't make bank robbers look sexy when they apply them to their faces nor do they make big knickers and squashed up midriffs look sexy either! 

I could wear stockings but why would I want to for everyday use?  Tights are comfy and warm and I like them even if hubby thinks they were just designed to keep men out.  In winter it must be better to look good with your clothes on than without.  I will continue to wear tights, it's just better if I put them on alone, behind closed doors and as far as hubby is concerned, I only wear stockings, (said with a sparkle in my eye).

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  1. Popping over from the weekend rewind! I love tights. I never thought of how unsexy I look before I finish dressing!!!

  2. Ah yes, the wiggle jiggle dance. Always fun! And the frantic 'what went wrong?' dance when the seams or designs on patterned tights don't line up.

  3. Hello there, ohhhh tights, I haven't worn them since we shifted from Scotland to Sydney. I like how they make your legs feel smooth though. As a young trollop in the 1980's I used to wear stocking a lot, always appreciated at the time, if I recall.... never again!

    happy tight-wearing over in Canada.

  4. I love tights! So sexy with long boots. Your hubby needs to wait for the final product lol. Thanks for Rewinding x

  5. Rhonda: Its best not to look!! x

    Multiple Mum: The door is closed when the tights go on for sure! x

    Seana: Thats quite a temperature change from Scotland to Sydney! I love Scotland, so much so, we had our honeymoon there!

    Emily: I agree, twisted tights are a bugger!


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