Crumb Monsters

Monday, October 24, 2011

My house in Canada has lovely dark wooden floors.  How beautiful they looked when we moved in, polished and free of children crumbs. 

You see children can makes crumbs without even having anything to eat in their grubby little paws.  Children produce crumbs in a magical way, a special way that follows them around and leaves a trail of mess wherever they have been in the house.  As you can imagine on my nice dark wooden floors this is a problem for a houseproud individual like myself! 

I counted the other day and I vacuumed the floor five times, the last of which was after the Crumb Monsters had gone to bed and I could enjoy my adult time crumb free!  Five times is excessive I know but I walk around bare footed most of my day and there is nothing more annoying than walking on crumbs. 

Can someone please invent a device that could save the houseproud owners of Crumb Monsters from their vacuuming?  A simple device that could be attached to the back of each Crumb Monster and simply sucked up the crumbs as they moved around the house?  I am not sure whether this could be seen as child cruelty but surely attaching a small electrical device to each child would be OK? 

I think its best if I just buy myself a pair of slippers and accept that children make mess- lots of mess, and actually I don't think I would have it any other way.  Children are designed to make mess and are usually happiest when making a mess.  I love my house and all who sail in her regardless of whether the floor is clean so if you cant beat them join them, I am off to make some crumbs!

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  1. Crumbs are good. They make a house feel 'lived in' !!!Love to all, Aunty Vera xxx


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