Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I like to get involved.  Whatever it is, whatever it is for, count me in.  I am an enthusiastic person.  My Nan and first school Head Teacher observed, as a child that no matter what I took part in it wasn't long before I was in charge and organising everyone and everything!  So with a letter from school asking for volunteers to read in front of your child's class- count me in! 

I have worked with children before, in fact I have an NVQ (National Vocational Qualification, for those of you who do not reside in the UK), in Childcare, Learning and Development.  I always thought having children was qualification enough but now I have a certificate!  I love reading for my own children and we have some wicked books about aliens underpants and everything! 

Sitting here now I have had a thought!  What if they do not understand my dodgy Northern (proud Northerner of course), UK accent?  I do not speak like the English people in movies- in fact I have yet to meet anyone who does?  Will my son be the only one to laugh at the alien underpants?  Living in Canada its hard to think that I sound odd, everyone else sounds odd, I am normal! 

I refuse to give into the change of accent yet.  I hear it in my son, awwwwesome is not a word I can convert to my own tones yet.  I will just have to go slowly and hope that pulling faces at them is enough to make them smile at me and accept that they will go home and tell their parents that "Harry's mom talks funny!"

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