Thursday, September 01, 2016

We have all been there.  You get home from work, the fridge is empty, nobody knows what they want to eat and the takeaway menu is looking at you!  Cooking at the end of a long day can be just one step too far for many people.  
Fancy a few nights off from it all?  A Meal Kit could be just the delivery you are looking for!

"Meal kits deliver pre-measured ingredients and easy to follow recipes to your door to take the hassle out of cooking fresh food in your home"

I had the pleasure of checking out Chef's Plate and trying out two of their family meal kits.  

Chefs Plate is an exclusively Canadian meal-kit delivery service available in Ontario, BC, Alberta, and Manitoba. Delivering perfectly portioned ingredients and detailed recipe cards for nutritious meals, their goal is to put real food back into people's diets. 
Why choose a meal kit?
I plan, shop, prepare and cook pretty much every meal in our house and I quite like doing it too.  Why would I want a Meal Kit service?  The answer is simple; a night off!  It was so nice to set the boys loose in the kitchen and let them make the meal.  I did't have to worry about anything.  I let my son and his friend cook one kit and the husband cooked the other.  If you cook lots then this is the perfect escape from the kitchen whether you are away for a few days or just want a night with your feet up on the sofa.  If you are afraid to go in the kitchen this is a great way to test out some new skills with the knowledge that everything you need is right there.  

Pro's & Con's
The ingredients were super fresh and ripe- even the avocado's, which can be hit and miss at the best of times!  I was really happy with the way everything was packaged.  Enough packaging to keep everything fresh but not so much you feel guilty about throwing it all away.  Good news, all of the packaging is 100% recyclable too, so nothing to feel bad about!  There is no denying that this is more expensive than a trip to the supermarket but the point is that this is a cooks break from the norm.  It's a total night off that somebody else planned and shopped for.  It works out way cheaper than a trip to the takeaway or restaurant and it's real food, cooked with real ingredients.   The portions were generous and there is plenty of food for a hungry family.  
  • New recipes are introduced each week and feature land, sea and veggie options.
  • All dishes are balanced and nutritious.
  • Locally sourced specialty ingredients that are fresher than the supermarket.
  • No waste! Ingredients are pre-portioned for each recipe.
  • Meats are antibiotic and hormone free.
  • Not home? No problem. Ingredients arrive in a refrigerated box so your food stays fresh.
  • Choose the delivery day that works best for you!
It's up to you
If you don't want to use Chef's Plate every week it's super simple to log into your account and hit the pause button.  You can re-start it anytime and choose the days that suit you.  They have 2 person and family plans.  You pick the recipes you want to try and they are delivered to your door.  

When to use Chef's Plate
  • want to impress someone
  • want to try a new recipe
  • need to feed the family when you are away for a few days
  • send a kit to a friend or family member away at University/College
  • just don't want to think about what's for dinner tonight
As a special bonus for readers of this blog simply use the code #LIFEWITHOUTLEMONS and you will get 3 FREE PLATE CREDITS off your first order! Click here to get started

Chef's Plate sent me 2 free meal kits to test in my home.  I did not get paid to say nice things.  I only say nice things if I really mean them!  Photo's, opinions and terrible spelling mistakes are my own.

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  1. Looks really good , if it was available in the UK I would use this service , all you need to do is open the wine .


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