Tuesday, November 29, 2016

"Dust is just a protective coating for all furniture, why risk removing it now?"

I love having a clean house.  Right now, my house is not clean or tidy.  We are doing a spot of renovating and tearing up carpets is a sure fire way to fill your house with dust! I am just ignoring the dust at the moment,  I know it will wait for me.  Dust does that, it waits patiently for you!  

Perhaps it's fair to say that with age comes a new found love of a good cleaning product.  Never did I imagine I would find joy in discovering a nice smelling product or one that actually makes things easier to clean but here I am. The only person I normally share this information with is my dog.  She follows me around the house as I clean and like any dog owner, I chat to my dog as I work.  I tell her all sorts and she is a great listener.  I told her all about the new Lavender Pine-Sol I was sent to try out in my home. I told her all about how it actually smelt good and not all chemically like most cleaners do.  She nodded.  I told her how easy it made cleaning the bathroom.  She nodded again.  See I told you, she really is a great listener.  

Pine-sol also send me a gift card for Homesense and told me to treat myself.  Unfortunately they didn't sell gin so I decided that I would treat my cleaning companion, Nutmeg (that's my dog's name, in case you were wondering). 
As for the rest of the gift card, in the spirit of Christmas I will be buying gifts, games and puzzles and we will be donating them to the local Christmas Bureau.  I do love a good treat but I know there are many people who have many more needs than me so it seems only right we give a little extra this festive season.  

Pine-Sol® Cleaners contain no ammonia or phosphorus.  They all contain biodegradable cleaning agents and all the bottles are made from recyclable PET.  It all adds up to a better clean with a great smell and more time to pour yourself a nice glass of gin and tonic.

Dirt, grime, grease and deodorizes icons

Nothing says R&R like a home that's sparkling clean and smelling like a calming field of lavender. Call on Pine-Sol® Lavender Clean® to deodorize and cut grease, grime and dirt in any room of the hour.

I was sent some Pine-sol to test in my home- it's really good by the way!  I was also sent a lovely bunch of dried lavender and a gift card for Homesense.  Opinions, stories, photos, dust and bathrooms were all my own.  The dog bed featured in this post now belongs to Nutmeg but I have her permission to share it here.  

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