Monday, January 25, 2021

"What is a date, really, but a job interview that lasts all night? The only difference is there aren’t many job interviews where you’ll wind up naked"

~Jerry Seinfeld

For every bad thing lockdown has shown us, there has been a few little gems that have come from our current situation that I hope stay around for a lot longer than Covid!  Zoom for one thing has been quite the revelation hasn't it?  Whether you use it for work or pleasure, it has allowed us to be together when we must stay apart.  The cooking school I work for is now totally virtual (check out the fabulous range of classes here) and personally we have hosted many friend zoom parties.  Also it has given us a connection to family and friends in the UK that is very special indeed.  

What about virtual date nights?  We have been celebrating at home date nights after being inspired by my family in the UK.  Each weekend my family members get dressed up, set the table and enjoy a night in.  It feels so good to get out the fancy clothes!  I highly recommend it! 

If you fancy a "date night' or are looking for ways to virtually gather with friends here are a few suggestions to try without ever leaving your home;

~Play virtual cards with friends-

~ Join me to learn how to break down and cook chicken in your own home- Virtual Cooking Class ($27.50)
Get Cooking and Prairie Gardens
~Explore the World's Cultural Heritage sites- CyArk is a non profit organization founded in 2003 to digitally record, archive and share the world's most significant cultural heritage and ensure that these places continue to inspire wonder and curiosity for decades to come.  Go see Mount Rushmore or how about Stirling Castle in Scotland.

~Turn your home into a cocktail lounge- Light some candles, dim the lights and play some jazz.  Become a home mixologist and create a new cocktail.  Why not try a Ginger & Mint Southside
~Escape games- we love escape games in person and at home.  There are some great at home escape games you can do with a variety of themes and difficulty.  A great starting point is the Escape the Room series.  Great puzzles with an hour to solves each level.  Some great add on levels too that use the same decoder you get with the main kit.  Perfect for anyone wanting to get away from the computer for a while! 

What are your date night go to's?

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