Monday, January 07, 2013

I don't think I have had a real project since leaving school! 

Living so far away from everything you once knew can leave you stuck in a bit of a rut.  I am a very active person who finds it difficult to just sit so I have decided to take advantage of this and make some better home activities than just cleaning the bathrooms! 

I have planned projects that don't require constant work or daily commitment- nobody needs that much pressure with two kids- trust me, life can be hectic enough as it is!

* Weekend Bread Project- There are cookery books I own and read that just make me want to cook everything they include.  The Women's Institute Bread Book is one of them and I plan to make a different bread each weekend for possibly the whole year.  I plan to start with breakfast breads as this ties in with another of my little projects.

*Move away from the Breakfast Cereal Project- I really dislike buying Breakfast Cereal.  I find them expensive and full of ingredients I don't recognise as food.  I know they are easy and in a morning time can be tight shipping kids and husbands off to work and school but I want to try and find ways to minimise their consumption in my house.  The bread project ties into this too.

*Project Life 2013- this is a big one and is one of the main reasons I am trying out so many new projects this year.  I don't want to document 52 weeks of boring stuff! 

*Non Alcoholic January- My and the hubby are having a break from the booze this January.  A little de-tox after the excesses of Christmas seems a good idea.  Each weekend in January I will be making a different non alcoholic cocktail for me and hubby.  I will blog the recipes and how they taste (not as good as a gin and tonic, I know, but February is not that long off!)

*Get back to Geocaching- I tried my new GPS unit on our first Canadian Geocache and cannot wait for us all to go out as a family.  The snow may limit our adventures at the moment but there are so many hidden close to us we may pop out and find some very soon.  If you have never heard of Geocahing check it out here.

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