Saturday, January 19, 2013

In my youth there was a late night, drunken need for greasy, quick food whilst you await a taxi to take you home to bed (your own bed of course).  Drunken youths wait in line for food that quite often can be questionable.  The most questionable in my mind is the kebab.  The chunk of lamb meat (apparently lamb meat, but I have never seen such a cut on any lamb I have butchered!), spins on a stick, heated by lamps and shaved off to be stuffed into a pitta bread and loaded up with chili sauce- which you hope will kill your taste buds into thinking what you are eating is actually yummy!

I always managed to avoid the horror of the kebab but unfortunately my husband did not and consumed many of these evil snacks during his drunken (if hubby's Mum is reading this please note he did not really drink during University and spent his time studying of course) years getting his qualifications. 

I decided that I would make my own version of the kebab but much, much better and with real meat. 

My version was simply pan seared Venison Steaks, seasoned with the Keg Steak Seasoning and after resting, sliced thinly.  I stuffed the meat into homemade pitta breads (post about those coming soon) and topped with some quick pickled red onions, shredded lettuce, tomato, cucumber and siracha sauce.

Hubby did approve but said those midnight drunk kebabs still bring back fond memories!  Some battles are better left unfought!  

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  1. Yes of course Elyse!!!! I bet memories are not the only think those midnight drunk kebabs brought back!! I'm sure 'Hughie' remembers it well!! xxxx (JC)


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