Thursday, January 03, 2013

I see my little blog as a way to keep track on the things we get up to as a family but as many bloggers will know there is always a line between what you share on your blog and what is personal to you.  I see Project Life as a place for my personal stuff and I am so excited about getting started.

Here are just a few of my ideas:

  • Kiddy involvement- I want the kids to take pictures, add drawings and collect stuff they want to put into the folder.  The more I can get them involved the better.
  • I have challenged hubby to take at least one picture a week on his iPhone for the folder.  He did suggest taking one of his office each week, but I do hope he was kidding! 
  • Food, food and a bit more food!  I already know there will be lots of food photos in my folder as I love to cook, eat and take pictures of the yummy food here in the Chatterton house.  I also plan to document recipes I make up and adapt so I have a permanent record of them.  I so often make something and don't keep a record of it for future use. 
  • Red wine tasting- this is a silly one really but me and the hubby like to pretend we can taste wine and pick out the subtle flavours it contains.  We are usually way off the mark, apart from oak, there is always oak!  When we try a new wine I will jot down what we said on tasting and what it actually contained so we can look back and giggle about how we were wrong, wrong, wrong! 
As you can see I have so many ideas all brimming to get onto my pages.  I have no intention of taking a photo every day but will always do a full double page spread for each week.  I don't want a strict regime to stick to, but more a chilled way to capture the stuff we do rather than desperately looking for things to snap each day. 

Here are my first pages:

I plan to do a full page image of each of us with a few bits of info about each person by way of an introduction in the folder.  I love handwritten notes on the white spaces of the photos, there will be lots of this throughout the folder.

I am so excited about this project and I have a few more projects I will be blogging about, but more of that next week........

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