Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Week 3 saw lots of cooking and baking with my young assistant, guitar practice and games after Sunday lunch.  We are trying to have relaxed sit down Sunday lunches instead of all zooming around grabbing a bite to eat and being in the same house but not spending any time with each other. 
To make the collage pictures (see below image, top right) I use a free image editing software called Photoscape (details can be found here).  I have used this to create collage images for my blog too.  I included an image of my new super hero coloured hair, a yummy kids tea and bread three of my 52 Breads in 2013 project (Link to post with recipe for Pretzels here)

One- This poster for "Rain, Rain go away come again another day was from Mr Printables and can be found here along with many other fab free printables.
Two- I am so pleased with this addition to my folder and the tutorial for adding video links can be found here.  My code links to a video of a family sledging day uploaded to Vimeo (link to Vimeo)

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  1. How do you fit it all in . xx Mum

  2. You are one very special lady. Most mums wouldn't achieve in a whole year what you achieve in one week. xx (JC)


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