Friday, January 11, 2013

If you had told me I would have ever enjoyed drinking clam and tomato juice, I think I would have laughed a little at you.  Before moving to Canada such a drink would have never been considered but hey, things change and Canadians love the stuff. 

In my no alcohol January I have been trying different drinks and the Spicy Caesar is one I would normally slosh a generous amount of vodka into so I figured it was a good choice to try booze free.  The addition of enough Tabasco can mask the non alcoholic properties quite nicely and I can see myself drinking these more often. 



Clamato juice, either regular or spicy
Worcestershire sauce
Tabasco sauce or similar hot sauce
Celery salt (for rim)
Celery stalk
Wedge of lime


Rim a glass using the lime wedge and celery salt
Fill the glass with ice
Pour Worcestershire sauce into glass to the count of three (three good, solid shakes)
Add Tabasco to taste: for heat-lovers, 7-10 drops.
Top with Clamato juice
Garnish with celery stalk (which you use for stirring the drink too) and the lime wedge
And a note to my Mum: I promise when you visit they will be kicked up!  

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  1. I love anything kicked up . xx

  2. This venue is a true gem- it was intimate (we had 100 guests) and has a lot of character, which allowed us not to have to invest in extra lighting or decorations.


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