Wednesday, October 17, 2012

As you may know, I am a trained butcher and last weekend I was invited to join an annual event hosted by Kevin Kossowan, who is an Edmonton food hero (Just a few of his accolades: Part of the Alberta Farmers’ Market Association, Slow Food Edmonton, writes about wild food in the kitchen for the Alberta Conservation Association, has contributed to the FarmOn Farm Masters program, neighborhood captain for Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton, lent a hand here and there to the NAIT culinary program by taking their second year students foraging, video production work for Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, grows obscure varieties of greens for urban-ag-tastic Lactuca Micro Farm, and has done some workshops related to foraging, butchering, game cookery, and other traditional food practices.  See I told you, food hero!)

The event is a coming together of people who want to fill their freezer with the very best pork for the forthcoming year.  You purchase your side and cut your own up- an amazingly excellent idea!  I was invited to show them how we cut it in the UK and generally give some hints and tips for getting the most from your pig. 

I enjoyed the day so much.  I had forgotten how much I love being a butcher. 

This video shows a whole pig side being cut up so if you don't like that idea, don't watch it. 


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  1. So very proud of you Elyse - wow - a real TV star!! That was so professional. You are a star to be proud of. Well done xxxx

  2. Great job at PigDay! We'll be doing our Tamworth-Crosses soon... my first time breaking down a whole hog. I'm terrified and excited at the same time :)
    Between you, Kevin and Allan (and various videos online) I'll hopefully make it through with enough zest left that I can't wait till I get to do it again next year!



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