Sunday, August 17, 2014

Apologies in advance that this is a photo heavy post.  Call it a catch up on what has been an amazing few weeks.  My Mum and her friend came to visit for three (gin filled) weeks and on Monday we did our little dance of avoidance at the airport so we didn't see each other shed a tear as we said our farewells for now.  Silly I know but us Parkinson's don't show emotion you know!!  

We smiled a lot, drank a lot, ate a lot and more importantly laughed pretty much all the time! 
We can't wait for them to come back, well all apart from Alfie who said he was glad they were gone as it meant he could have his bed back- five year old boys for ya! 
 Sunshine yolks make everything they touch taste better,
 S'more eating can sometimes require dislocating a jaw!
 Shooting his spider webs at Launchpad Trampoline Park.
 My first courgette of the year, peas and lettuce.  Green perfection.
 Vietnamese Summer Rolls make me very happy.
 Always recipe testing, tweaking and baking.
 Honey and Almond cake.  So many honey recipes coming to the blog soon.

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