Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day is coming.  Did you know already?  Have you been bombarded with hearts, glitter and overpriced roses yet? 

It's a funny old day really.  I hated it at school, apart from one year when somebody slipped a handwritten card through my door.  I still don't know who sent it, but if it was you, you really made my day, thank you.

Anyway lets get back to the gin shall we.  

Valentine's Day in our house means husband is cooking and I am on cocktail duty.  The kids will be sent off to bed and we will light some candles, stick on the mix CD he made for me years ago (doesn't have quite the same ring as mix tape does it, but lovely non the less!), and enjoy the evening.  There will be no heart shaped table decorations and thank goodness for that, I will show my love in the form of the Super Sonic Gin and Tonic.  

Nothing says love like gin and tonic.   

NOTE: If you own a juicer because its the healthy thing to do and you couldn't possibly use it to make a cocktail just look at it this way; It's like getting healthy and a little tipsy all at the same time.  What could possibly be bad about that!!  

A juicer
A lime, peeled
Half a cucumber
Ice cubes
Tonic Water
Gin (I used Uncle Val's for this but Hendricks would be the other obvious choice for its partnership with cucumber is just too good to ignore!)

Juice the peeled lime and cucumber.  Now if you don't have a juicer you could blend the two together and strain the mixture to get rid of the bits.  
Place the zesty juice into two cocktail glasses.  Add a good (very good, your choice) measure of gin into the glass.  Add a couple of ice cubes and top off with a few splashes of tonic water.  Decorate with a lime slice and enjoy.  

Remember, healthy and tipsy- it's all good, I promise.  

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  1. I'll enjoy that gin in spirit even if not in body Elyse - looks so inviting and delicious. Have a fab evening. I'll email you the promised photo!!

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