Monday, November 02, 2015

GLAD® is teaming up with Goodwill to motivate people to clear their clutter and give back to their community. To help encourage people to donate their gently used goods to the DONATE4GOOD program GLAD® will be donating $10,000 + 10,000 black plastic bags to help collect your donate-able items.

 I blame Toy Story but I actually felt a little guilty at putting good toys in the donation pile until I remembered that this is in fact not a Disney movie and nobody played with that toy for a long time.  Kids grow up and certain toys no longer have a place in your home.  This GLAD® campaign was just the kick I needed to get clear of lots and lots of unused items in our home.

DID YOU KNOW? 1 bag of donated goods = 1 hour of career counselling and 2 boxes of donated books = 2 hours of on-the-job training
 It was such a great feeling to hand over my boxes and bags knowing that somebody else would benefit from items that were sitting cluttering up my home.  Its a win, win for everyone!

GLAD® is committed to sustainability and strongly believes in the importance of waste diversion, which is why we’re so excited to partner up with Goodwill to encourage Canadians to reduce some of their household clutter and contribute to those in need while also diverting waste from landfills.

I suggest you take up the challenge and take a good look at the back of the closet!  Do you have items lurking in the dist that are just begging to be given a new home?  

Here are the top 10 items that Goodwill are looking for right now;
1. Clothing for men, women and children
2. Accessories (belts, purses and scarves) 
3. Kitchen items (small countertop appliances, dishes, cutlery, pots and pans) 
4. Shoes and boots 
5. Linens (blankets, sheets and pillowcases) 
6. Outerwear for all ages 
7. Household décor (figurines and other decorative objects) 
8. Kids games, puzzles and toys 
9. Wall art, mirrors and picture frames 
10. Towels
So what are you waiting for?  


For every Glad® bag returned with clothing and other gently used items, Glad will donate $1.50 to Goodwil

I was sent some samples for this post but photos, donated items, terrible grammar and opinions are as always my very own. 

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