Friday, April 15, 2016

"Sacrifice is giving up something good for something better"

I am not on a Gluten Free thing!  I have friends who are and therefore I always feel that having some GF options on hand is always a bonus.  I like everyone to feel included.  The Low Carb part of this experiment is for me.  Although I don't like using the "D" word (I will say it once only- "diet"),  summer season is coming and I am trying to trim some wobble around the middle and rather than go on a "D" I am just switching a few things up in my everyday life.  I love carbs and they love me, they especially love my thighs.  One of my personal problems is my lack of portion control.  "Eat till your comfortably full" someone once said.  Comfortably full?  Is that so full you have to lie down and unfasten your pants full?  Probably not.  If I eat a big bowl of pasta for my evening meal I always eat way too much of it.  Then, I feel uncomfortable as sitting down, relaxing after the kids have gone to bed does nothing to shift the truck load of carbs sitting in my stomach.  So my compromise is to eat my carbs first thing in the day and let my natural busy lifestyle take care of them.  It's working out pretty good so far but I still want to eat what I want to eat and a good wrap is what I wanted one evening and therefore I needed to find a new solution.
I did my research and scoured the internet for Low Carb flatbreads.  Recipes that popped up were combinations of coconut flour, psyllium husks (sound scary don't they!), flax seed, almond meal flour and lots of eggs.  One of my favorite recipes came from Green Kitchen Stories.  They use almond flour and blitzed vegetables as the base and you bake them in a large sheet and chop it up once it's cooled.  It's really tasty and I make them often.  I love that you can change up the vegetables and seasonings in them.  I also like to add dried chilli flakes and fennel seeds- tastes so good!  

But what about spur of the moment when I just fancy a wrap.  I would normally reach for a flour tortilla or wholemeal pitta bread.  I needed a low carb, fast flatbread that didn't need 20 ingredients.  I started to experiment.  

I figured that an omelette style flat bread would be great but it needed to be able to hold together when filled.  It needed a little body and I tested three options.  Coconut flour, ground flax seed and almond meal flour (ground almonds).  I wanted to see what each flour alternative would do so I used 2 tablespoons of each with 1 egg.  I then added a pinch of salt and other combinations of dried chilli, fennel seeds, turmeric and smoked paprika.  I cooked them in a hot, dry frying pan on each side till golden.  I let them cool under a cloth.  I tested each one for flavour and strength when filled with coleslaw and salad.  Here are the results;
 Top: Flax seed.  Middle: Coconut Flour.  Bottom: Almond meal flour.
I had to add some water to this mix as coconut flour sucks up moisture really quickly.  It cooked well and gave a nice golden colour.  When cooled it was so brittle it broke apart when I tried to fold it before the filling even got near it.  It tasted really sweet and for me the coconut is just too much.  I want my wrap to carry what's inside of it not steal the show.

I was worried about the colour of this mix so I added turmeric to try and brighten it up.  It cooks well and once cooled it's super flexible and strong.  This wrap would hold up well with a hotter filling but I found the texture just a little too rubbery.  

I was quietly confident about this mix as the Vegetable Flatbreads I make so often work perfectly with almond meal flour.  The flatbread is a good colour and the flecks of chilli look great.  It cools well and holds up great when filled.  It has a subtle flavour that is not overpowering.  This was by far my favorite.  


  • 1 x egg
  • 2 tablespoon almond meal flour
  • pinch sea salt
  • pinch dried chillies
  • pinch fennel seeds
Place a frying pan on a medium/high heat.  Whisk everything together and pour into the frying pan.  Swirl the pan to get everything even, like you would with a crepe.  When you can see bubbles that set on the surface flip the flatbread over.  Cook till golden brown on both sides.  Use straight away or allow to cool under a cloth to keep it soft.  

So if you are looking to reduce your carbs or need a gluten free option this flatbread is the perfect solution for you.  Everything you need can be in the fridge and the pantry and there are no complicated steps or fancy ingredients like so many gluten free, low carb options.   Just good, fast food.  

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