Thursday, May 04, 2017

“First we eat, then we do everything else.”

-M.F.K. Fisher

We just arrived back from a three week trip to England.  It was a great trip and we ate very, very well for the entire three weeks.  I am looking back through my photos and they are pretty much all of food!

I am not going to flood this post with endless photos of our trip as I already did that to my Instagram feed whilst we were eating our way around the UK!  Here are just a few;
In my Mum's summer house in Middleham, North Yorkshire
Middleham, North Yorkshire
 Dhoon Beach, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland
 A Yorkshire Ploughman's Lunch
The Cavern, Liverpool
Crumpets: the best thing to go in a toaster, ever! 
We ate a lot of crumpets!  We even family fought about them and there was a lot of crumpet stealing going on too.  If you have no idea what a crumpet is, I will be sharing my recipe for homemade crumpets very soon on the blog.

My Mum hosted a few fabulous brunches for us in the UK and I feel that this needs to be continued now we are back in Canada.  Bloody Mary's are the perfect way to get a weekend started and I will be creating some amazing brunch recipes and drinks to share with you.  

I have returned to Canada a size (or two) larger around the middle but brimming with excitement for recipes I want to create and share.  The food, drink and company was outstanding and it makes me glad that I get to revel in it every time we travel back for a visit. 

Get ready for some British inspired food and drink over the next weeks!  

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  1. Come back soon , lots and lots more recipes to let you try xx

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