Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas is a time of excess!  Too many bubbles, to much chocolate, too much wrapping paper in the recycling and of course too much turkey! 

The pictures are just a few I snapped on Instagram as uploading my camera seems like too much hard work for Boxing Day.

I have to say that this Christmas lunch was the best I have ever cooked and was really stress free, mainly due to the fact that everything was prepped in advance and even the turkey was pre cooked so just needed heating through on the big day.

Inside the Turkey Wellington, rolling out butter for puff pastry, bacon wrapped sausages, ginger loaf with lemon drizzle, magic reindeer food sprinkles and the Turkey Wellington in all it's glory! 
I think one of my biggest triumphs was the puff pastry.  I have never made it before and decided it was worth the extra effort to make it myself.  It was crispy, puffy and so buttery good!  I will certainly make it again and share the recipe, which is easy once you know all of the steps.
I will also add that we never got around to cooking our pudding!  The Baked Alaska's will be making an appearance over the next day or so but our day was too busy and our tummies too full! 

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