Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I have always been a great lover of Sloe Gin.  My Nan made it every year and it's thick, medicine like sweetness makes me feel warm inside without actually drinking any!

I myself have made Sloe Gin and never added as much sugar as my Nan but still the labour of love that is picking them, cleaning them, fishing stray leaves, steeping, then turning the mix daily and then patiently leaving for 6 months until you get the rich coloured, deep flavoured drink is worth the work every time.

I don't have any Sloes but I did have a stash of Saskatoon berries in my freezer. I decided a little experiment was in order. I didn't have the time to wait to make the sugared syrup like liquor that is Sloe Gin but a flavoured vodka is easier and quicker so with a bottle of vod in hand I steeped Saskatoon berries and some frozen raspberries.

I used to add raspberries to my Sloe Gin too as they leech their colour into the alcohol giving an amazing ruby colour without affecting the overall flavour you are aiming for. Raspberries just seem to make any berry taste more berry like!

Once my Vodka had steeped for 2 weeks I sterilised small jars and decanted ready to be handed to some good friends for a Christmas tipple courtesy of the Chattertons!

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  1. Your friends are so very lucky to have you as a good friend Elyse. Miss our little jaunts as friends so much. I'm sure your friends will thoroughly enjoy their 'tipple' - Cheers xxxx


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