IN 2013 I WILL......

Friday, December 28, 2012

I make New Year's resolutions each year and on the whole I do pretty well ticking them off.  I fancy a change this year and rather than make a list of things I want to change about me I am going to list things I want to do this in 2013.  No negatives, just positives;

  • Do Project Life for 2013- my kit is already ordered!  Being so far away from family in the UK I like the idea of keeping a record of what we get up to here in Canada and this seems like a good way to do it.  
  • Learn about Star Constellations.  We sit in the hot tub looking up at the clear night and always say we wish we knew what we were looking at so in 2013 we are going to learn.
  • Sit at the big fancy table and use the good glasses at least once a month.  My Auntie told me once that you should never keep the best glasses, knives and forks for special occasions- why can every day not be a special day, so once a month it will be!
  • Drink more water (and gin)- not together of course.  Lets think of that one in terms of daytime drink water and night time drink gin (hubby will be sighing as he reads this, he he!)
  • Craft, paint, stick, glue and make mess with the kids more often.
  • Cook more with the kids- they love it and I love it, so lots more on the agenda for 2013.
  • Do a snow angel and then jump in the hot tub- oh yes, it will be done.......
  • Play more board games (and beat hubby- not going to happen, but one can dream)
This is not an absolute list, I intend to keep on adding to it as I go along. 

What is on your list for 2013?

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  1. Here's hoping you realise all your 2013 ambitions but promise me one thing Elyse - don't ever change. We love you so much just the way you are. One very special shining star. JC xxxx

  2. That's a great list, I usually make my resolutions for my birthday in February rather than new years, have to get working on it!


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