Sunday, December 23, 2012

They say that to become a tradition something has to be repeated three years in a row so I guess you could say that Turkey Wellington is my families Christmas tradition.

I asked my hubby the other day what he wanted to see on the Christmas lunch table this year and his answer was the same as it has been since I first cooked Christmas lunch for us! I have to admit I would have cooked all of what he suggested anyway without asking him. They are our traditions and Christmas just wouldnt be the same with out them.

So here is what I will be cooking this festive feast day with links to the recipes I will be using if anything takes your festive fancy too;

BREAKFAST- Gingerbread Muffins & Homemade Croissants- I have never made croissants before opting to buy them but I am giving them a go at home this year!

Pink Mimosa- you can drink alcohol at breakfast at Christmas- it's the law (not really, but it is in my book!)

LUNCH- Turkey Wellington- I have always used this Gary Rhodes recipe before but this year I am trying Jamie Oliver's recipe and as you can see from the picture you can see why- how good does that look!  Promise I will take a piccy of mine for comparison.

Sprouts with Chestnut, bacon and parsley courtesy of Nigella Lawson's recipe
Roast Potatoes- I think that if I did not cook Roast Potatoes my hubby may not speak to me for the whole year!
Buttered carrots and peas- you have just got to have carrots and peas- FACT!
Bacon wrapped sausages
Gingerbread Stuffing- May sound odd but it is amazing, trust Nigella and make it!

And to finish the meal off in style we have a festive Baked Alaska! After I set fire to the table one Christmas pouring the firey alcohol over the Christmas pudding I decided it was safer to find another tradition that did not require the Fire Deparment!

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  1. Can taste it now and can smell the wonderful aromas coming from your kitchen. Alas - we won't be there to share it with you but how lucky we are to have those wonderful memories of past delicious and magical Christmas Dinners shared with you at Sawley Close. We shall remember them with special love on Christmas Day. Happy Christmas to you all - enjoy yourselves and be merry. We will be raising a glass (or two) to you all. Loads of love xxxxxx


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