Monday, December 03, 2012

I know that if you ask most people from Edmonton what they think of the snow they will pull a grumpy face and tell you they don't like it!  They plan hot weather trips to escape the cold and refuse to drive any slower or more cautiously by way of protest. 

The novelty has not yet worn off for us.  We love the snow!

Sunday saw us hosting some friends for lunch followed by some sledging and ice hockey. 

All was good until Harry took a puck to the nose and lip!  We had blood and tears but he was excited to be able to tell his buddies at school about his hockey injuries.  Ice hockey is sooo cool for kids here and Harry feels he is part of the crew now!  Bless him and his shiney red nose! 
Note also the skin missing from his forehead!  That was a full speed face plant incident whilst skiing!  Harry is living the winter extreme sports dream......

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