Tuesday, December 04, 2012

I was invited to butcher a deer, shot by a colleague from my husbands workplace.  As a thank you for my help I now have a freezer full of half of the deer.  I don't have a huge experience of butchering deer or cooking it so now that it's cut and in my freezer I figure it's time for some experiments with the meat.

Venison and Bacon Burgers

400g minced venison

 I used the mincer on my Kitchenaid using the coarse grinder plate and minced the meat once.  I was careful not to over mix the meat and simply hand mixed until everything was incorporated.  I shaped them into 4 burgers and cooked in the pan with the fat from the bacon in it. 
The burgers were delicious!  They had a mild gamey flavour, which was very pleasing.  They were moist and will certainly feature on my plate again! 

Next experiment is a Venison Pie? Possibly a raised pie with a cranberry top!!  Watch this space.....


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  1. My mouth's watering - keep some in that freezer for the next visit!! You are a star chef xx

  2. Yum .... Venison , cranberry and Guinness pie sounds good to me with a shortcrust pastry top

  3. ooh this is exciting! my uncles back in Ontario get a couple deer a year, now to think of a way to get some of it out to me in Alberta!


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