Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This odd looking, grainy photo is a quick snap I took in between dusting, cleaning, changing sheets and generally getting my house ready for visitors from the UK.  The hubby's parents arrive tomorrow and we are all super excited!  We have not seen them since November 2011.  They are staying in our executive unfinished basement- hence the pink and plastic walls.  I know you were thinking it was a designer look that we paid a fortune for, it's just so darn stylish!  We added a few of Harry's drawings to the wall to try and hide all of the pink and plastic, I think we just about got it right.  This will be their home from home and I just cant wait for that first gin and tonic- I am such a bad influence on Janet, she can easily be led astray after a few gins (My perfect kind of house guest!)


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