Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I gathered my equipment, I researched it online, watched it on You Tube, read many different accounts, picked a recipe and at the weekend I set off to make my very own Mozzarella cheese. 

My plan was to use it to make pizza that evening.

All I can say was it was a good job I had bought some cheese as a backup.

I failed miserably and made a ball of nasty looking, grainy white snot!

I have done some more research, watched some more videos and this weekend I will try again. 

I hate to fail in the kitchen but I feel like this is just a challenge I need to beat, so it's all good! 

Have you had any major kitchen fails?

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  1. Biggest kitchen fail; Beef tongue casserole! Danny wouldn't even eat it! I'm sure you can take it from there....

  2. Did you use microwave method? or traditional? Im hoping to give mozza making a try within a week. just waiting for our raw milk order to come in :)

    1. I used the microwave method. I am going to try a slightly different method this weekend so I will blog about how I get on! There are so many slightly different ways, its hard to know which one to go for!

  3. Yes,I remember it well!! Tried to make microwave soft meringue (when I first got my microwave) for floating islands(1hr before a dinner party!)& they kept collapsing!!I had followed the recipe exactly but whatever I did they didn't work.Julia Wrathall saved the Day!!


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