I ventured into Michael's the other day to buy a Christmas Tree.  We decided on a fake one upstairs and a real one downstairs.  I managed to grab the last one that was on sale, but it was the display model and I had to wait for a gentleman to pack it neatly back in its box.  So I stood in the fake tree aisle which unfortunately for me was next to the scented pine cone aisle.  I have a few questions on this very smelly issue:

1. Why do you need to chemically taint a cone with extra smell?
2. Why does is smell as chemically nasty as a bleach factory?
3. Why does it have to smell so strong its induces headaches?
4. Have the makers of said smell ever actually caught a whiff of real cinnamon?  I can only assume, NO!

So if you wish for your house to smell like a toilet and like your eyes to water due to chemical exposure and enjoy smell induced headaches, by all means adorn your house with cinnamon scented pine cones- they are just great!


  1. Ha! Well that just sounds terrible!! I'll be sure to steer clear. I get enough headaches as it is. ;)

    1. I think your suggestion of a pine cone scented candle may work far better than chemical cinnamon pine cones! xx


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