Friday, April 04, 2014

It's Friday and it's Spring Break and I promised my boys we would make something amazing- chocolate pizza, anyone?

I love stop motion videos and long to make a stylish kitchen offering, instead I simply offer my very first attempt at making one.  My kids love it and so do I- I fear there may be more in my future!

The recipe for this amazeballs pizza will be coming next week- It's Gin O Clock right now so the less typing I have to do the better, instead just watch and enjoy!

Chocolate Pizza from Elyse Chatterton on Vimeo.

Happy Friday!

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  1. what a cute video! You're boys are so lucky to have a fun mom like you! It's wine and coronation street o'clock over here ;)

    1. Thank you, we all had a blast making it! Now my kids want to do a Smore making one so we can teach out family in the UK how to make them!

  2. That is FAB!! Every time I watch a video of those two boys, the tears flow with pride and happiness. Yes they are so lucky to have a superb Mum who gives them the two most important things in life - time and love in abundance. You are an true inspiration - so proud of you xxxx


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