Sunday, April 20, 2014

Well the snow had nearly melted and summer was a whisper away only for the weather to decide we needed a few more inches of snow!!!  Anyway this snow was not like our winter snow, all dry and powdery but wet and sticky- perfect for snowmen!

 Hard at work.
 Stick devil horns of course, is that standard snowman attire?
 Doing his bit.
 We had planned to have a S'mores party outside but  the wet, sticky snow caused us to re-think our approach.
 The Annual Chatterton Easter Egg hunt.
 Teamwork to Crack (see what I did there!) the Eater Egg Hunt clues.  I fear I also must explain that my little bundle of trouble head butted the sofa arm this week and gave himself that delightfully purple and yellow black eye- oh to be the mother of boys!  

As always I am linking my Stills with The wonderful Beetle Shack and read on if you live in Canada or America- you could win some lovely books in time for Mothers Day.

Its a Life Without Lemons give-away!  

I have teamed up with Sourcebooks to help you celebrate Mother’s Day with a little book give-away!
One lucky winner will receive four lovely mummy books in time for this years fabulous Mothers Day.
The Books;
1. Little Blessings by iconic photographer Anne Geddes
2. Love Blooms in a Mother’s Heart by greeting card designer Kathy Davis
3. I’m dangerous… I’m Not Gonna Lie by artist Erin Smith
4. The Big Me, Little You Book by journal creators Rachel Kempster and Meg Leder

All I need you to do is tell me the funniest thing your mum has ever done or said? Leave me a comment with your name and answer and I will pick a lucky winner, with the help of my boys who will act as laugh-o-meters! 

Competition is open until May, 4th- good luck!

This give-away is only open to American and Canadian residents.

A few more details about the books one lucky winner will have delivered to their door;

For the New Mother: Little Blessings by Anne Geddes

A beautiful, new gift book that features the world of award-winning photographer and New York Times bestseller Anne Geddes. Each spread features a unique photograph paired with a thoughtful quote or blessing that highlights the joy, beauty, and wonder that new babies bring to every parent. Through the lens of Anne Geddes,Little Blessings captures the unparalleled relationship between child and caregiver.

For the Inspired Mother: Love Blooms in a Mother’s Heart by Kathy Davis

Whether your mom lives just around the corner or is cherished deep in the memories of your heart, the words of love and wisdom in Love Blooms in a Mother’s Heart by top greeting card designer Kathy Davis will bring you a little closer to your own. Known for her whimsical style and uplifting sentiments of giving and sharing joy, Kathy Davis is a true woman entrepreneur who turned a passion into a business.

For the Snarky Mother: I’m Dangerous…I’m Not Gonna Lie by Erin Smith

From Erin Smith – a hip, irreverent visual artist with a nationally distributed gift line and a unique, pitch-perfect look – comes I’m Dangerous…I’m Not Gonna Lie - a mash up of art, essays, and laugh-out-loud observations designed to find humor in the everyday mundane. Celebrate the art of living loud with the sassiest, smartest, hottest gift book.

Includes hilarious, make-your-day quotes like:

· “The super girl cape is in the laundry… you’ll just have to take my word for it.”

· “As much as I try to be an easygoing, stretch-your-wings-and-fly type, I just can’t stop trying to burst people into flames with my mind.”

· “I’m so damn happy it’s like discovering blue cheese olives all over again.”

For the Mother Who’s A Kid Again: Big Me, Little You

Create a memory-filled journal with the kid in your life! The Big Me, Little You journal is packed with fun prompts, activities, and crafts that provide you with a way to share and engage with the special kid in your life. Fill it out together or send it back and forth – there’s no limit to the way you can connect and share through words, pictures and lists!

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  1. Okay, so the only child friendly one I could think of was my mum sitting at the window in a restaurant having supper with my dad. It's one of those "you had to be there moments" but she looked out of the window (I should probably add that the restaurant was right on the coast) and said "my goodness, that's a big puddle!" To which my dad said "yes, it's commonly known as the sea!". Her defence was that it was dark!!!

  2. My mom used to sing and dance around our kitchen singing Sir Mix Alot's "Baby Got Back"! lol Never would have expected it out of her!!

  3. One of the funniest things was after my mom finally made herself a facebook. I'd get random texts asking me the cutest stuff. "What does lol mean? What does Smh mean?" And my favorite? "What is twerking!?" HAH!

  4. One time my mom overcooked the spaghetti and it turned into a blig rubbery mess. We made fun of her so much that she refused to throw it out and actually served it for dinner by cutting it into chunks and adding sauce.


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