Sunday, October 19, 2014

This year we moved house to an acreage.  When I first suggested the idea my husband thought I was crazy.  
He went along with my crazy idea and we went to view some properties with land and trees surrounding them.  The first one we visited the kids ran off to play, jumping, rolling around and generally being free with the grass under their feet and the sun on their backs.  My husband said that at that exact moment he thought "the wife is right, this would be amazing". 

So we searched and searched, viewed, dismissed, searched, viewed and found it!  It had a great house, land and lots of trees.  We bought it and moved into it in a deeply cold and miserable February.  I learnt the hard way that moving house in an Alberta winter is stupid and crazy- won't make that mistake again!

We love it here.  We have eight happy chickens, a large vegetable patch and trees to climb whenever we want.  More importantly we have happy, free range children.

We build fires, play in the dirt, dig holes and look for worms.  This is what I pictured when I dreamed of that acreage.

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