Saturday, June 09, 2018

"Don't worry, I learned how to make plenty of drinks at bartending school. (reading off an old mixed drink recipe list) Gin and... tonic? Do they mix?"

~Moe, The Simpsons

Gin lovers of the world rejoice as World Gin Day returns for its TENTH year on Saturday 9 June 2018- oh wait, that's today! What on Earth is World Gin Day you ask, well its a global celebration of all things gin.  What better day could there be?

I suggest you celebrate gin the best way possible, with a perfect cocktail.
Here are my suggestions:
My favorite gin cocktail: The Casino

The summer party starter: The Gin Pom

Or try a Bloodhound with a twist

If you love ginger try out a Ginger & Mint Southside

And lets not forget the classic Super Sonic Gin & Tonic- this is a great cocktail if you are looking for a way to use that juicer you bought three years ago and now its sat all dusty on the shelf! 

So grab the gin and don't forget to tag your gin drinking with #WorldGinDay and remember gin is for life not just for World Gin Day!


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