Meaty Questions?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I read other blogs and they like to give things away.  It may be a voucher or a homemade item.  Bloggers also like to give away parts of themselves.  I see answers to imaginary questions and snippets of the things they like and dislike.  It's the getting to know you part of blogging.  You may never meet, but by sharing a part of you there is a connection.  That connection may lead to a new follower on your blog and so it continues. 

So my virtual friends (I feel I can call you that, as you are reading this now), what to give away?  I could tell you things about me?  I could share what I am wearing?  I do love outfit of the day posts, its like people watching from my own home and I love seeing what people wear.  I don't own a crafty shop to give away my home made treats, so what can I offer? 

The two things I am good at is collecting cookery books and being a Master Butcher.  So what I give to you is my knowledge.  Need a recipe for that random ingredient in the cupboard- let me know, I might be able to help you find it?  Ever wondered where your steak came from or which part of the pig a pork butt came from- and before you try and answer, its not it's actual butt!

I may get no questions, but hopefully if I do I can help and for now thats my idea of a giveaway- until maybe I actually have something to give away.

The Butcher & Recipe hotline is now open! 

I set up that counter, if you were wondering.

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  1. this seems like the right place for me to stumble upon. i am a college student and i really need to feed myself with cheap but not so cheap and healthy but delicious recipes. think you could help?


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