You know it's a party when........

Monday, December 12, 2011

  • You put your best hand towels in the bathroom
  • You buy way too many drinks
  • Your fridge is stuffed
I love parties, especially when I am hosting them.  I love the planning, the preparation and more so I love the cooking.  I love the gentle flow of the days running up to a party and seeing it all come together at the end. 

I honestly didn't think we would be hosting parties this soon after moving to a new Country, as building enough friends up to actually have a party is pretty impressive in itself!  We have been very lucky to meet people who have accepted us into their friend circle and our party was for them.  It was the very least we could do for all they have done for us. 

I will post some of the recipes this week but here is what I made:

Red Pepper, Cucumber and Feta Rolls
Seasonally Spiced Nuts

Christmas Glazed Ham
Luxury Mac n Cheese
Red Salad
Christmas Coleslaw
Garlic Bread

Lemon & Lime Posset with Almond Tuile's
Chocolate Mousse with Hoky Poky

The evening was fab.  We ate, drank and laughed a lot. 

I would like to add that we had such a good time we forgot that our little darling children love to see the sun rise in a morning and with us having gone to bed at 2am, I was less than delighted by Alfie, who at 5.30am decided he had slept enough and apparently so had I?!?  Oh the joys of being a parent! 

But it was my hubby who ended up back in bed by afternoon with a slight headache! 

No sympathy here!

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  1. In my house, you know it's a party when you can see the floor!


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