Wrap Rage!

Monday, December 19, 2011

To start with I would like to say that I don't mind wrapping gifts.  They may not be perfect with straight edges that line up but they usually look good when they are the right way up- don't ask me about the bottom where all the folds and tape are!  I like a nice bit of string and ribbon and this year even adorned my packages with festive stickers that match the labels.  My issue is with what I have to wrap.  Has anyone else noticed that companies have created a whole new style of packaging that is set on different angles with sharp edges and big bits stuck out at the front and back!  What is this about- do they take pleasure knowing the hassle it will cause us happy wrappers? 

I know that you should always buy good paper- cheap paper is more hassle than it is worth with ripped corners and hard to fold edges once it is applied to any package.  I also know it helps to be organised with all of the wrapping supplies easily to hand.  So armed with my good paper and supplies I set off to cover the gifts and its not long before you find a strange corner on a box or a sticky out bit that just tears through the paper- this all leads to one thing, WRAP RAGE!! 

After taking a few deep breaths, I calm and resume wrapping.  You then come to the gift that no matter what you do it is obvious what it is, even covered in paper, wrapped in a bow its bloody obvious its a Toblerone.  Its a small triangle box, what else is it going to be!  You ask yourself, why am I wrapping this?  What is the point? 

I already know the answer, the point is the joy on my children's face as the paper is torn in a frenzy from everything within grabbing range.  I lost the right to open my own gifts when I had children, as it always seems they volunteer to take paper off anything regardless if it is for them or not!  I suppose its why pass the parcel is so exciting- you always knew whatever was in the middle wouldnt be the most exciting prize, its the anticipation and excitement of taking the paper off.  I loved pass the parcel and I love Christmas so I will just have to make more Mulled Wine (this is a must in the wrapping supply list) and remain a happy wrapper.  I will think of the smiling faces tearing my hard wrapping work up on Christmas Day and its not so bad after all!

 Mulled Wine makes everything better- trust me!

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