Film by association

Friday, January 27, 2012

Parents you will no doubt be aware of film by association.  This is when you don't actually sit down and watch a film but you know all about it by one of the following methods:

  • The in-car DVD:  We are lucky enough to own a device for playing DVD's in the car on long journeys.  I always thought they were a weak parenting option, but how wrong was I- they can be bliss!  I have listened to many a film.  I know all of the words but have not yet seen a single picture of it.
  • Passing through the room:  Mornings in my house are for jobs.  I will happily stick a film on for my 2 year old to watch so I can get my daily jobs done and the afternoon is then free for playing, crafting etc with him.  As I pass through the living room I catch glimpses of the film he is watching.  This is enough to work out the whole story when you put all of the glimpses together but you never watch all of it and feel you don't ever need to as you know how it starts, a bit of the middle and the end scene! 
  • Guess what happens at the end:  We bought the last Harry Potter film recently and I was glad when my son misbehaved during the week when we bought it- gasp you say, I was glad of bad behaviour??  This resulted in Friday film night being cancelled and Harry Potter was not watched before me and the hubby could watch it alone when the kids were in bed.  This saved us from our children telling us the really good twist at the end of the film or saying right at the start- oh yeah, he turns out to be the bad guy, oh yeah he did it, oh yeah he dies you know!!!  Ahhhhh, don't give the film away!!! 
So if you know all about the film and you have never sat down to watch it, not even once, you must be a parent!  Thank goodness they go to bed and we have the sanity of some good old grown up time!

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