Warning: Indoor Tornado!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This morning my hubby had to be at work for a specific time- normally it's quite a relaxed affair, as long as he gets his hours in.  This resulted in a bit of a dash to get ready.  He left in a flurry of panic out of the back door. 

I then started my morning rounds of the house.  Upstairs, this usually involves making the kids beds, opening blinds and placing pj's back under pillows- the usual morning stuff.  I then ventured into our end of the house.  The path of disaster started at the doors!  A wet towel on the floor- don't you just hate it when men do that!  Deep breath, pick it up, don't flap about it!  Then I come across another towel on the bedroom floor- a big sigh, carry on!  Then we have pj's thrown on the floor, coat hangers chucked about the place, sock drawer open (apparently the time it would have taken to close it would have pushed the limits?), and lastly toiletries strewn across the bathroom surfaces. 

I realised that it must not actually have been my husband who did this, but that the house has been struck by the phenomenon known only as the "Indoor Tornado".  I think we need to raise awareness of this terrible problem and hope that big companies start to research how we can guard ourselves against it! 

I can only hope that if you have suffered an "Indoor Tornado", that's its effects were minimal and only in one area of your home.  I am breathing a sigh of relief that I was lucky and it only hit my bedroom, bathroom and closet! 

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  1. In our house I call Martin half shut !! This I think is mostly a male phenomenon..... ie never shuts anything properly . xx

  2. The Indoor Tornado reaches every room in our house I'm afraid. Aunty Vera xxx


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